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Harga HP HTC Meanwhile, Telkomsel holds Permenkumham rule used to be No. 1/2013 on the applicable service fee curators January 11, 2013. Under this rule should curator fee calculation is based on the number of hours worked and not based on the calculation of the percentage of assets of the bankrupt. 

If it refers to the hours worked, rate assuming each curator Rp 2.5 million per person per hour, 8 hours per day, for 86 days, then the total return for three curators about USD 5.160 billion and charged to the applicant for bankruptcy.

In Permenkumham governing curators fee either No. 9/1998 or No. 1/2013 clearly stipulated three things. 

First, the calculation is based on true asset if bankruptcy occurs. Second, if there is still no peace settlement and calculated 2% of assets. Third, if bankruptcy overturned on appeal or judicial review (PK), curator of the fee is calculated based on hours worked. 

Differences in Permenkumham this is old or new Harga Blackberry, in the old rules if it does not happen bankruptcy receivership fee is calculated based on hours worked and paid both. While in the new rules if there is no bankruptcy fees are calculated based on hours worked and paid the applicant. 

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Harga HP Lenovo According to data collected Kaspersky Security Network (KSN), every day there were seven thousand experiments to infect gamers around the world in 2012.

The attack is carried out in an attempt to gain access to user personal data, such as passwords for online games and online banking systems.

If associated with the game, the malicious user attempting to steal avatars and items in the game (in-game items) and then re-sell virtual items using real money. For online banking, cyber criminals trying to steal money directly from a bank account.

As found Kaspersky Lab experts, to do this, the perpetrator sends an average of 10 emails with malicious links and attachments to gamers every day, in addition to about 500 attempts to infect gamers through a browser-based attacks.

One of the most favored tactics of malicious Harga HP Asus users in the world of online gaming is social engineering, particularly phishing. For example, cyber criminals use the names of the world famous game and try to lure gamers go to their fake website to get registered game account password.